Local Phone Numbers

Local Phone Numbers

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At BeeTheBoss we are a one stop solution for all subcontractors looking to start their own business- we build your website, we provide the domain names, hosting solutions and even VoIP phone numbers for your business.
A local appearance such as local address, domain name and local phone numbers all play an important part in search engine ranking, local results and other marketing tools.
At BeeTheBoss we can help you obtain multiple VoIP toll free & local phone numbers at a low price.
All local & toll free phone numbers can be forwarded to any cellphone, IP Phone or soft-phone. So, whether you have a dispatch answering your calls or your office is on the road, we can help!
Your Company can be located anywhere and have hundreds of local phone numbers in different area codes all forwarded to you wherever you are.
Our VoIP Solutions include amazing features, to help insure the success of any business:

  • Call recording;
  • Call forwarding to multiple numbers
  • Call forwarding by time or day of the week;
  • Online call logs:
  • Voicemail to Email;
  • Fax to Email;
  • Call source tracking (by unique group codes);

And more...

Building your Business for Success